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Pet Cremation:
Individual cremation of your loved pet is guaranteed. Your pet’s ashes can be returned in either an attractive wooden scatter box allowing you to scatter your pet’s ashes whenever you’re ready, or you may prefer to have your pet’s ashes returned in a sealed urn allowing you to keep your pet’s ashes with you.

Pet Collection:
Our service is tailored to meet your individual needs and wishes. We can collect your beloved pet from your home or your local veterinarian.

Will I get my pets ashes back?
Yes, most definitely.
As pet owners and founders of Mansfield Wildlife Shelter and Rescue we understand how devoted people are to their pets and how important it is to have the peace of mind of knowing that your special family member has been treated respectfully throughout the process. All pets received are identified and re-checked throughout each step of the cremation process, resulting in the guaranteed return of your pet's cremains.

What is the process?
Once your pet leaves you, we ensure that he or she is conveyed to our premises with the utmost of dignity.
Once at mountain high your pet is individually cremated as soon as possible, we rarely hold pets for more than a day unless we are awaiting a specific request from you the client.
With cremation complete (duration between 1-4 hours) then the ash is processed and transferred to the vessel requested.
We then make arrangements to return the cremains either to your Vet or to your home which ever has been agreed.

How long does it take?
Your pet’s ashes will be returned to you within 7-14 days.

Where are you located?
Unlike some crematoriums, we operate our own cremator which was designed and manufactured by one of the leading pet cremator manufacturers.
We offer the highest possible state of the art equipment, which complies with current Victoria’s strict EPA codes.

What if I don't want the ashes back?
We offer a pet removal service with your pet being collected and cremated without the return of ashes. This provides a low cost yet dignified service for your pet.

How do I arrange for you to collect my pet?
Simply contact your local Veterinarian or us on 0400697238 and we will pick up your pet from either your home or your vet. If you would prefer, your vet can make all the arrangements necessary directly with us.

What if I want to scatter the ashes?
We provide a Scatter box at no extra cost as our standard package (see products/vessels) which you can recycle when you have scattered the ashes. If you are unsure whether you will scatter or not, you can purchase a urn at a latter date.

Do you provide memorial stones and headstones?

We can provide a range of engraved headstones to suit all budgets.

What other products are available?
We offer a range of Vessels for your Pets ashes. (see Urns)

Is it cheaper dealing directly through you or my vet ?
As a rule, it is cheaper though your vet as we visit the clinics regularly and we don’t charge for travel, however if we come to your home a service fee is charged.

Can we bring our pet to you?
We try to service all your individual needs and we realize everyone grieves in different ways.

Do you cremate any pet?
We cremate all creatures great and small.

What is Cremation?
Cremation is the process of reducing a body by exposing it to intense heat. Through high heat and evaporation the body is reduced to mineral form. What is left is known as "Ashes"; however the proper term for this is "Cremains". The cremains are then milled into a semi-powdered form.

Why Cremation?
Some people choose not to bury their pets as they may live in a unit or are renting, others simply find our range of vessels a beautiful way to keep the affection of their treasured family pet remembered forever.
It is also the most environmentally friendly means of dealing with a deceased pet, providing you the owner with an eternal memento of your lives together which can help with the grieving.

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